Monday, January 28, 2013

CrossFit's Impact in Rural Kenya

In 2012, CrossFit made an impact in rural Kenya in a big way.  With the help of Dallin Frampton, a repeat Koins expeditioner and committed humanitarian, CrossFit came to Kenya with a vengence.

Through the efforts of CrossFit HQ and individual CrossFit affiliates, classrooms, desks and water cisterns were built in the villages of Dzendereni.  Currently, additional classrooms have been built in the village of Mkanyeni, with others already on the drawing board for Dzivani, Majengo, and Chizini.

New CrossFit classrooms being built in the village of Mkanyeni

Water cistern construction at Mkanyeni

There are several articles and videos available on, CrossFit's Hope for Kenya initiative website, spotlighting and explaining the projects that have been undertaken by CrossFit.  During a recent expedition, the 2008 CrossFit Games Champion flew his team to our village area to see the work for themselves.  They raised enough money within their CrossFit affiliate to construct several classrooms, and with their own eyes witnessed the walls go up.

Koins is very appreciative of the partnership with CrossFit in this classroom construction.  CrossFit has caught the vision of our work in Kenya, and what the results mean to the people of these rural villages. We are providing real hope for the future, in the form of better education for the children and better water resources.  This Mkanyeni project took less than a month to complete, showing the dedication of both the Mkanyeni villagers and the CrossFit sponsors, and the efficiency of the Koins team in Kenya.
Finished classrooms at Mkanyeni

New NorCal CrossFit classrooms in Mkanyeni

Students anxious to start using their new classrooms
Brand new desks in a brand new classroom
Students who are very happy with their new CrossFit sponsored desks

Very happy school children

This cistern will capture rainwater for student needs

The back of the classroom with not quite finished pipe to cistern

Well done, CrossFit.  You have provided hope and the promise of a better tomorrow to yet another village in Kenya.

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  1. This is a fantastic project. Keep up the good work.
    Cara Valentino