Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Klay for Kenya: 2nd Graders at Saint Olaf School Create Pottery with a Purpose

Cindy Workman, Koins for Kenya board member and a 6th grade teacher, recently shared this blog post:   This is the daughter of a teacher at my school.  She did an art project with some 2nd grade students.  They created pots/ popcorn bowls and sold them at a school event. They made over $1000.00 to donate to Koins.  She has named her project "Klay for Kenya".  

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

KLAY FOR KENYA: With Saint Olaf School

Klay for Kenya
I stood completely humbled in the second grade class of Saint Olaf School today.  I didn’t walk into a classroom; I walked into a beautiful gallery full of budding artists, potters, and storytellers.  Over the past few months, these amazing second graders and their beyond inspiring teacher, Mrs. Jacobs, worked with me in creating clay bowls.  We made a mess, experimented with textures and color, laughed, and shared stories about art. What I discovered in this messy adventure is that these kids have got true hearts and genuine creativity.  The kids made clay bowls to be sold in their class art show.  All money collected from art sales is going to “Koins for Kenya”, which is an organization that builds schools in Africa.  Thank you Saint Olaf School for putting your heart out into the world!  

To learn more about or donate to Koins for Kenya, please visit: www.koinsforkenya.org

To check out St. Olaf School, please visit: