Monday, March 7, 2011

Church Hill Jr. High Funds a Cistern!

Check for cistern project
In January, Sherrie and Brayden Christensen spoke at Church Hill Jr. High School in Salt Lake about their experiences in Kenya.  The student body officers kicked off a fundraiser, which turned out to be a very quick and and successful fundraiser, providing nearly $2,500 to Koins to build a cistern in Kenya.
Story here.

What a great bunch of kids!  With this donation, we will be able to provide a cistern that will provide drinking water to students while they are at school, and water that is used to boil corn for lunch.  Without a cistern, children are required to bring a jug of water they collect along the way to school, typically from an open pond or river.  The cistern will collect rainwater from the roof and store it, providing a much cleaner and more reliable source of water.

The cistern building will begin immediately, and the expedition group headed to Kenya this month will contribute to the work being done.  Sometime in April there will be a brand new water cistern in Kenya, thanks to the efforts of the students at Church Hill Jr. High.

Asante Sana!