Monday, February 6, 2012

Orion Jr. High Fundraiser

Students at Orion Jr. High raise funds for a well in Kenya

Koins received a check over the weekend from Orion Jr. High School in Harrisville, Utah for just over $2,500.  I corresponded by email with the principal of Orion, Kirt Swalberg, and this is what he told me about the fundraiser:

"It was a whole school effort.  We showed part of your video clip about what the Kenyans had to do to get clean water and then I challenged them to raise $ 2,500 for a well.  We had a 7th period class competition to see which class could bring in the most money.  Our leadership hung up posters and promoted the project.  The students had a great time and were excited to help.  We look forward to seeing pictures of the well.  It will be a nice thing for our students to see that they did make a difference."  

What a pleasure it is to see young people making an effort to help those less fortunate.  Their efforts will provide a fresh water well to a rural village in Kenya, allowing the women of that village to access clean water more easily.  Their efforts will provide a life changing water source to an entire village.

A Kenyan woman walking home after fetching water from a pond
Asante sana, Orion!