Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ten Years in Kenya

I recently put together a book outlining the work Koins has done in Kenya in the past to years. I gave a copy to each of our board members who spent Friday and Saturday at our house as we held a Koins board retreat. It was a great opportunity to all come together, have lots of time to discuss many topics, have each board member discuss their area of expertise, and discuss new projects and possibilities for 2011.

I can't say enough good about our board members. Each one of them is passionate, willing, talented and kind, willing to spend countless hours of their time to help us in the work we do in Kenya.

It is hard to believe that 10 years ago, Bret and I were planning our first trip to Kenya. So much has happened in those past 10 years. The photos in this book outline those changes well.

Click here to view this photo book.

I see great things in the future of Koins for Kenya. We are looking to partner with well established groups that can bring expertise and new knowledge to our work. We have some fun and exciting things ahead.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Eagle Scout and a School Fundraiser

Brayden Christenson, who went to Kenya in August to build desks for the Austin Frampton School in Dzivani, had his Eagle Scout Court of Honor on Sunday, January 9.  Brayden is now officially an Eagle Scout.  We are so proud of Brayden for his diligent efforts, and grateful that he chose to work with Koins for Kenya to attain this rank.

Last Tuesday, Brayden and his mom, Sherrie, went to Church Hill Jr. High in Salt Lake City, where they spoke to the 9th grade honors English class about Kenya and the work Koins is doing there. The students were very excited and the student body officers were going to kick off a school wide fundraiser starting today. The day after they spoke, Sherrie's friend sent a picture of the jar of coins her honors students had collected in one day.

Way to go Church Hill!  It is through such donations that the Wind Ridge Elementary School in Farmington has funded the building of 3 classrooms, desks, uniforms and a cistern at the Wind Ridge School in Chikomani, Kenya over the past several years.

In fact, it was the 6th grade class of 2003 at Wind Ridge that coined the phrase "Koins for Kenya" that ultimately became the official name of our foundation.  And with the coins of many donors over the years, we have built classrooms, cisterns, desks, libraries, science centers, and many other projects in our service area of Kenya.

I am looking forward to tracking the progress of Church Hill's fundraiser.  They might help us build that school at Gona!

Asante Sana

Friday, January 14, 2011

March Expedition, Anyone?

 Koins for Kenya
Spring Expedition
March 16 - 27, 2011

Expeditions are work. 

Expeditions are awareness. 

Expeditions are family.

Expeditions are dancing.

Expeditions are joy.

Expeditions are gratitude.  

Expeditions will change your life. 

We invite you and your loved ones to join us this year on a life changing adventure. 

Come with us to Mnyenzeni.

Come see the progress. 

Come feel the love. 

Our next expedition is March 16-27, 2011

Space is still available. 

See for more information. 

Friday, January 7, 2011

Utah Mom Helps Albino Children in Africa

Utah Mom Helps Albino Children in Africa (click to read article)

This article appeared in the LDS Church news December 22. Jami Quesenberry is a member of the Koins for Kenya board of directors, serving as our Expedition Leader. She and I visited the albino school while in Kenya in August. She took on raising funds to continue work on this school as her personal effort to help these albino children. The school, which is not immediately within the Koins service area perimeter, serves the needs of many albino children, and provides a safe haven for them.

If you would like to contribute to this effort, click here. Select Albino School from the drop down box.

Asante sana,