Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Daryle Shadows Mama Frida

Daryle Stafford is in Kenya with Bret.  Daryle and Veracity Insurance are sponsoring the building of two classrooms and a cistern.  The following is Daryle's experience of shadowing a villager.

This photo was taken in the family room of Mama Frida's home shortly after returning from the fields

Daryle shadowed Mama Frida (Free-dah) for a half day today.  He fetched water from over a mile away, carrying two buckets instead of the traditional single bucket.  He also worked like a horse in the garden, helping weed a substantial part of their fields.  He not only fetched firewood, but he climbed a cashew nut tree and cut down dead limbs with a machete, then carried the bundle of wood back on his head to Mama Frida's house.  What he really did today was learn the difficulty of being a woman in this part of the world.  Mama Frida loved him because he was so strong and really dug in and got some work done.  The sweat poured off of him all day in buckets.  His bald dome was never without puddles ready to roll off onto his soiled shirt.  His shorts were soaked through, but he continued on working side by side with Mama Frida and her family.

I would expect that some of the villagers might have a hard time telling Bret and Daryle apart.  With their bald heads, blue eyes and large American bodies, they look strikingly similar!

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